056 EID: How Did Our Secret Guest Build a $140M Business?

You ain't (yes I said ain't) going to want to miss this. In this episode, Dean and Brett interview a mystery guest that went from nothing to building a $140 million dollar business. How did that happen? Well you are just going to have to listen to find out.

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  • Harry

    June 11, 2013

    Dean and Brett, thank you for the great podcast and for Mr. Miller sharing his experiences in business over the years. Very encouraging episode and dead on with so many points of Scott’s journey from success to failure and everything in between. Truly life has molded and shaped his business and we all can learn from his wisdom of experience. Thanks so much guys and to growing a day at a time.

    Dean, thanks so much again for all the help over this past few months. You and Brett have been a great encouragement and I can not thank you enough.

    If you have any mentors you know of in my neck of the woods, I am eager to learn and sharpen each other.