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079 OEA Podcast - Boost Your Bottom Line With The Scanner Monkey Tribe

We had an ABSOLUTE BLAST having the our good friends Jay Bayne and Cordelia Blake from Scanner Monkey on our show this week. We have had almost 80 shows and this was one of the funnest. They are a funny bunch. If this podcast doesnt bring joy to your day, I dont know what would.…

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078 OEA Podcast - Taking Your Business to the Next Level with Deirdre Harter

Have you been selling on Amazon, but don’t know how to double your sales? Are you frustrated with increased competition and lower margins? Do you need help with inventory reports, sales reports, bookkeeping , taxes and knowing what your return on investment is? Do you have a PROVEN SOURCING & SELLING PLAN in place so…

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077 OEA Podcast - Motivations, Part 2 of Passions + Work = Productivity

Motivations is Part two of Passions + Work = Productivity We all have motivations, they are the driving force behind what we do every day. Why do you do you go to work? Providing for your family? to Gain wealth? or Making a name for yourself? We all have motivations I had one conversation that…

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076 OEA Podcast - Amazing Profits with Private Label Products

Do any of these sound familiar? - There are too many other sellers on my products - I’m tired other sellers constantly undercutting each other to the point of no profit - Other sellers are changing the listings that I list against. - I had a manufacturer come in and close their listing so only…

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075 OEA Podcast - Special Guest James Harbal the Creator of Keyword Inspector

I don't know about you but I want people to see my products first. I want to make sure that my product doesn't go to page three in my category. The buy box and sales are key... How much would you invest in order to make sure this happened? Would if I told you that…

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074 OEA Podcast: Social Media's Fantastic 4

Whats up Online Empire Academy, Joshua Woodward here. I am so stoked about todays podcast. We will be talking about one of the largest Gold mines out there, Social Media Marketing. What Can Social Media Do for You? Your name and reputation is everything. There are MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people on social media every…

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