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Why I'll Never Offer Ubuntu Desktop To Clients

Imagine a place where all businesses had $0 recurring expense for business related software. A wonderful land where all you had to worry about was convincing clients to pay you for maintenance, and not license fees. Supposedly, Canonical and other Linux-based companies would argue that such a world truly exists. It's a lie. Okay, I…

007 STBS: Why Your Business Needs Google Apps

Transcript of episode:  Click here to read Before I get started, I just want to say that I am a Google Apps reseller (but I've used it long before becoming one). However, Google Apps Standard Edition (the free version), is what I recommend to most people. That being said, I truly believe that all small…

Are You Getting Microsoft Office 2010?

Google Apps, Microsoft 2010, or OpenOffice? Which product is best for a business that's watching its expenses?

Review of Zoho Apps for Business

An interesting alternative to Google Apps for businesses is Zoho Apps. This small Indian company has given Google a run for its money in the cloud-based app race. It's great variety of business tools make for a fantastic set of powerful tools to power your business!