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How to Collect from Clients Without Breaking Legs

Maybe it's just me, but asking for money is uncomfortable.  It becomes even more uncomfortable when that money is owed to you by a client that is late to pay. However, knowing  how to collect from clients hasn't been that much of a problem since I don't really need to, technology does it for me.…

5 Invoicing and Finance Apps to Power Your Business

Managing money in a small business used to be an expensive and painstaking process. With the advance in technology, alternatives such as Freshbooks and Harvest can save you time and money over traditional bookkeeping software and solutions!

Episode #15: Sweet Home-Based Business Tax Tips

[youtube][/youtube] Boring, yes, but oh so necessary. Dean rewinds, and brings you some quick tax tips for home-based business owners and also discusses why you need to keep your business and personal life separated. Links mentioned in this post:

Episode #6: Low-Cost Technology Infrastructure, Part 3

[youtube][/youtube] Yes, I know the lighting is bad and that I look like Batman, but bare with me.  I had some ideas at my day job and I had to get them out  in the open.  Anyway, the topic for today was bookkeeping, and how to do it cost effectively.  As stated in the vid,…