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Day #17: Starting the Project

Proposals are signed, your client is ready to move forward, now comes one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.  If you mess this up, it could mean the difference between making money or losing it.  Remember, your virtual assistants rely on you to have the plan ready. Success comes at the beginning In…

016 STBS: Tasking Your VA and Getting Started in Business

Oh happy day!  In this podcast I received two questions (which are always welcomed and appreciated).   The first question was from Abner from The Entrepreneurial Life (great podcast, by the way), in which he asked about what were the most important steps in getting started in any business.  The second question was from Sharif from…

How Not to Get Pwned by a Client

So, yesterday I got smacked down by a client that I am creating a website for.  This particular customer owns a million dollar business, and has connections to a lot of influential people.  Of course, I don't want any of my clients to be upset with me, but it would really suck if everything on…

How to Save Tons of Money on Web Design

Today, it's pretty much a given that you need to be on the web.  Part of my 6-day email course talks about how insanely cheap it is to host your website and to grab your brand's domain name.  With only a little bit of know how, you can have a great site up and running…

DropBox as a Small Business Uber Project Center

By using DropBox in an organized way, small businesses can use cloud technology to sync files and collaborate with their employees from anywhere around the world. All you need is a good framework to make it happen.

What happens when you mess up?

You aren't perfect, and you aren't expected to be. Learning how to act and respond to a crisis is key to building up your credibility. What you do in times of trouble shows your client your true worth.

Episode #23 How Contracts Can Save Your Butt and Your Business

Everybody hates them, but they are necessary.  If you want to have a business, you better get used to dealing with contracts.  Yes, they take time, and yes they can be a pain - but they can actually make your business more profitable in the long run. Links mentioned in the post: Writing a Killer…

Episode #18 – Project Management: An Essential Skill

[dailymotion][/dailymotion] If there is one skill that every entrepreneur should have, it's project management. Developing products - no matter what they are - require efficient use of time and resources. If you are unable to manage those resources and understand the entire development process, your startup is in for a world of hurt financially.

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