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063 OEA Podcast: Information Products vs. Physical Products – Which is Better? Play in new window | DownloadIn this product we’ll take you on a little journey to discover what’s more profitable – physical or information products?  Ooooh…  what a cool topic!  Seriously though, we talk about when each of these things might be the better option and what a new entrepreneur “should” go for if…

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Taking a Hobby and Making it a Business

A while a go I met two really amazing people, Rob & Irma.  At that time they knew very little, if anything, about selling products online. In fact, if you were to ask them, back then they were more interested in creating a hobby rather than a business. Fast forward to today and it’s a…

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

If you are wondering where I am, I am enjoying a nice Christmas break! I promise that there will be more content soon, but with a new baby on the way and the chance to relax a bit, I just can’t help but take advantage of the time off. I wish you all a great…

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