Key Thoughts on Selling Amazon FBA Products

The new river flowing through the business community today is becoming a third party seller on Millions of third party vendors are selling billions of dollars of products on each year and this is only going to increase, but this river  is flowing through a dense jungle of “how to” actually sell on Amazon.

The key ingredient to becoming successful starting any business is to learn from the right person, whose pure intentions are to help you be successful.

Yes, there are 1000’s of free video’s on YouTube that you can spend 100’s of hours watching to learn how to sell on Amazon, but I know that we want to learn how make money now. Part of that process is investing in the right training and learning from people who have proven success.

But that is the problem; people want instant gratification without any hard work. People get excited when they find one item they buy for $1.00 and flip it for $100 and make $99 profit.

But will this last? Probably not unless they have a source for this item to keep selling over and over.

I started a business 6 years and discovered that my business was not going to last unless I made some changes and think long term. I will share these ideas over time. I have been learning from the best people; mentors and successful people who have genuinely taught me to build a business asset and think long term without thinking they are ripping me off.

And that is another key ingredient in becoming successful in this business. Relationships.

Having trusting relationships with people is a very important part of becoming successful in any business venture. Over the next few weeks as you read my articles I hope to share with you some of my experiences in business as a third party seller on

The opportunity to sell on FBA (Fulillment by Amazon) could change at any moment and we need to think and prepare how to sustain through any changes in our business if Amazon shuts down our account or makes any significant policy changes that makes selling on more challenging, but not impossible.

The last point I want to share is the Amazon river is very crowded and we need to think about how to grow our Amazon business in spite of this challenge and think globally. There are 7 billion people in the world and 319 Million people in America.

There is an enormous opportunity to expand our business to other market places around the world while we continue what we started in the US. I will share this process as my Amazon FBA business grows globally as well as locally.

Doug RenzDoug Renz has been selling online on eBay and Craigslist since 2003 while working full time in the Information Technology field as a Systems Engineer.  In 2004 Doug started a part-time business as a piano tuner technician and also an eBay consignment business selling automobiles and other high ticket items for people.  In March 2009 Doug launched a business recycling over the counter medical products where he was able to quit his full time job in 2011 and work with his family out of the home.  For a few years Doug dabbled with Amazon selling a few books and used toys until Hostess went out of business in 2012 and he made almost $500 profit selling Twinkies in 2 days.  Doug was hooked and the rest is history. He now finds excitement making a profit selling on Amazon FBA (Fulillment By Amazon) in the US and Internationally. Doug is a forum moderator for helping others learn how to grow their business starting with the  Doug resides with his family in central Georgia.
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