What You Don't Know About Yourself Can Break You

"We are unknown to ourselves, we men of knowledge--and with good reason. We have never sought ourselves--how could it happen that we should ever find ourselves? . . . So we are necessarily strangers to ourselves, we do not comprehend ourselves, we have to misunderstand ourselves, for us the law "Each is furthest from himself"…

Episode #23 How Contracts Can Save Your Butt and Your Business

Everybody hates them, but they are necessary.  If you want to have a business, you better get used to dealing with contracts.  Yes, they take time, and yes they can be a pain - but they can actually make your business more profitable in the long run. Links mentioned in the post: Writing a Killer…

Episode #22: Mentorship

[youtube width="560" height="340"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqTl5YoZTWk[/youtube] This is a shout back at Jason Silvestri, personal brander extraordinaire. He took the time to mentor me, and even made a video complementing my posts. Here's yo you, my friend. Links mentioned in the post: Jason Silvestri Toppler Project Jason Silvestri on SMART Goals

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

If you are wondering where I am, I am enjoying a nice Christmas break! I promise that there will be more content soon, but with a new baby on the way and the chance to relax a bit, I just can't help but take advantage of the time off. I wish you all a great…

Episode #21 HowtoForge Linux Tutorials

[viddler id=e1ab8b32&w=437&h=333] I love Linux, but it can be daunting for new users. Here is a great resource for installing a great Linux distribution without much hassle. Links mentioned in the post: HowtoForge Ubuntu

Episode #20: Choosing Your Operating System

[viddler id=2706d143&w=437&h=333] While it may not seem like it is a big deal, choosing what operating system platform you need to run your business is important. What you decide in the beginning stages of your business will be a factor in how much money you will need to spend on technology in the future.

Episode #19: Four Sites to Expand Your Entrepreneur Mind

[viddler id=c7d4cc11&w=437&h=370] Dean takes you through 4 sites that help to increase your leadership and freelancing skills. Ultimately, all of them help you to become a better project manager. Links mentioned in the video: Elance Web Worker Daily Makeuseof.com Lifehack.org

Episode #18 – Project Management: An Essential Skill

[dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xbfud2_episode-18-project-management-and-s_webcam[/dailymotion] If there is one skill that every entrepreneur should have, it's project management. Developing products - no matter what they are - require efficient use of time and resources. If you are unable to manage those resources and understand the entire development process, your startup is in for a world of hurt financially.

Episode #17: Should You Have a Business Partner?

Knowing your strengths, and having someone available to augment your weaknesses is a tremendous asset. If you can find a business partner that can do that, you are golden.

Episode #16 Clients and Charging

The hardest part, at least for me, about being in my own business is charging customers. I often think that, because I am a nice guy and good at what I do, people will pay me fairly. Well, that isn't the case most of the time. Normal people are business people. What I mean is…