003 STBS: The Importance of Communication

Transcript of episode:  Click here to read

(Note: It's quite ironic that this episode took about 30 takes to get right because of my inability to communicate the way that I wanted to.)

In this episode, I talk about why being able to communicate with other people is extremely important if you want to improve your career or relationships with existing or potential clients. Don't be the genius in the basement that's able to solve all of the world's problems but doesn't share the solutions, be the one out there sharing what you know with as many people as you possibly can! Why?  Because it builds credibility as an expert, it forms relationships, and it helps you to grow in ways that you never would have grown before.  The more information that you share with others, the more effective you'll be at building your personal brand and gaining visibility within your community.

Learning to communicate effectively is very difficult.  There are very few good communicators that are natural.  The best public speakers train for years to hone their craft, but it pays off in the end because they rarely have to search for leads and customers.  Rather, potential clients approach them on a regular basis because they've built their reputation and trust so much through information sharing that they've built gravity around who they are.  You have information that needs to be shared.  By doing so, you'll draw more people toward your brand.

My public relations mentor, Ted Nguyen, is fantastic at reaching out to people while building credibility at the same time.  You can catch his antics over at his blog, and see how by simply talking to people, he is able to build his brand and perceived expertise (and real expertise).

Don't forget to check out Toastmasters. It's a very inexpensive way building your public speaking skills.  I'm a part of club #8771 in Huntington Beach, California, and have really seen tremendous gains from it.