005 STBS: Why Your Business Needs a CRM

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It's getting harder and harder to build meaningful relationships these days.  That's why in this episode we talk about two things: maintaining relationships with clients during tough times, and keeping relationships fresh using a Contact Relationship Manager (CRM).

When you are in a large organization, serious problems rarely occur.  That is, it's very rare to be yelled at by a customer or client directly because you are usually just a cog in the wheel behind the scenes.  However, when you are a solopreneur or business owner, problems occur often.  What do you do when the crud hits the fan? How you react to emergencies and mistakes will determine whether you wow your clients or if they'll be looking for another service provider.

Another thing to keep in mind when owning a business is that fresh and meaningful relationships are the key to success.  Although you may be the sole owner of your business, success is never a solo ordeal.  Your business depends on the referrals of your clients, your business relationships, and your personal relationships.  Being able to keep in contact with all of those people requires a CRM.

I've used several CRMs within the past year, and have found that 3 meet the criteria that I recommend for anyone looking to use a CRM for their business.  those three CRMs are Gist, Highrise, and Batchbook.  However, if you want to know which one I use (and which one I think outdoes the rest), you'll have to listen to the podcast.

If you haven't listened to the the previous episode (004 STBS: Corporate Professional to Entrepreneur with Paul Tran), you are seriously missing out on some great tips on moving from corporate to business owner.

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