018 STBS: Project Management Tools for Virtual Assistants

In this episode, I answer a question from Doug Noble from Noble Ride Bells.  Doug asks about what project management tools are good for virtual assistants.

Building a foundation

Rather than just going full-bore into a project management system with your VAs, I would highly suggest using something like Google Apps to create a foundation for productivity first.  The reason I suggest Google Apps is because it's free, it gives you and your VA the ability to collaborate on documents, and you can integrate so many other third-party applications with it.

I totally believe that this is a great way to get started.

Finding the project management system that fits you

There are a ton of systems out there that you can use to track projects.  However, before diving into one, you need to find one that fits your current set up.  Here was my criteria in choosing a project management system:

  • First and foremost, did it integrate with Google Apps?
  • Is it easy for me to use?
  • Is there ready-made training?
  • Is it easy for potential clients to use?

For me, ManyMoon met all of these, so that's the one that I went with.  However, one alternative that I used when I first started was Zoho Project.  I used it for my first server build project for Reliable Dental Lab and I think it's great.  It also integrates with Google Apps, so that's pretty awesome.

Ultimately, you need to go with what works for you.  There are some great systems out there, try them out. =)

Upcoming webinar

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