022 STBS: Entrepreneur Q and A Forum with Doug and Abner

Alright.  I have been super excited to be able to do this.  It's definitely the first of it's kind on the show.

Anyway, today I got the chance to have a collaboration Q and A call with to guys that – when I met them had no clients AT ALL in their busines – and are now in the game and doing some cool stuff.

Doug is a dad of two, and recently started a web consulting and development business.  He runs a site called Business Via Life and has some great experiences that he shares in the episode.

Abner is a school teacher, but also started a web development company in his spare time.  In only a few days, he was able to get a couple of paying clients.

Keep in mind, these guys are BRAND NEW in what they've been doing, but they are really killing it.  Plus, the reason I am so excited about this podcast is because they have some great things to share with other people that are just starting out.

You'll get to hear about how they got their first clients, how long their projects take, and what they plan on doing to take their business to the next level.  Plus, they'll be asking me some questions in regards to pricing, delegating tasks to virtual assistants, and sending out proposals.

Just a warning up front though, all of the entrepreneur ideas that are on the show can only be successful if you go out and do them.  If we can do it, so can you! =)

Just a little note, there are several times in the episode where our communication cuts out.  So please forgive me for not cutting those out, I wanted to make it as real as possible and also get the audio out and into your hands. =)

If you have any questions for Doug or Abner, please leave a comment and let them know what you think!


  • Abner Solano

    February 2, 2011

    Please dont ask me anything! I dont know anything! 🙂
    Ask Dean everything…call him at night he loves that…

    • Dean Soto

      February 3, 2011

      LOL!! I've been tallying up the hours we've talked. I'll send you an invoice next week. =)

  • Collette Clark

    November 11, 2011

    What a very informative podcast. Really nice to hear stories about startups and how they started. The ideas are great too. Thanks Dean. The ideas on pricing and proposals are really helpful for those starting out In the biz, like me.

    • Dean Soto

      November 14, 2011

      Hi Collette,

      Thanks for the comment and I am glad you found it valuable :). Let me know if you ever need anything :).