027 STBS: Selling and Traditional Business with Dad

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In this episode, I give a quick update with what's been going on with the niche site stuff.  Things look pretty solid with the change to Google Adsense and hopefully it will continue to generate some steady income.  With the added emphasis on backlinking there's been some noticeable differences in rankings.

I've also start 2 more niche sites that will likely take a few months to see any gains.  Other than that, things are just starting out.

How to close a sale

We also talk about closing sales and how there are several closes that take place in a sale.  The last thing that you want to do is sign documents on the first meeting.  Typically relationships like that end very badly since expectations are not met on either side.

The key to closing a deal is to close several parts of the selling process.  You'll be closing an initial meeting, closing a proposal submittal, and closing a follow-up meeting.  The more that you “date” a prospect, the better the relationship and sale is going to be.

Interview with my father-in-law

Dunn..dun..DUUUUUNNN. Yep, I'll be interviewing my father=in-law this go around.  He has been an instrumental part of my success and has some great advice to share about running a business in general.  From everything to starting, to marketing, to hiring, we are going to talk about some of the pitfalls and joys that he's experienced in owning his own business.

Ebook updates

I've consolidated all of my products into my e-book.  I want to make it as valuable as possible and make it the flagship of the site.  I love having virtual assistants helping me to run my business and I want everyone else to be able to experience the same thing rather than to be working in their business as another full-time job.  That being said, you are going to get a LOT more out of my E-book now, and in the future.


  • daddydug

    May 22, 2011

    Just had a chance to listen to the latest podcast… Awesome show Dean. What an amazing resource you have there. He can fix your sink and give you solid business advice.

    Seriously though, thanks for sharing him with us. Your father-in-law sounds like an incredibly wise man.

    • Dean Soto

      May 24, 2011

      Thanks Bud!

      Yeah, he has kept me out of trouble many a' times and has helped me to be marketable. I am super grateful to him.

      These dainty hands can't fix anything so it's nice having him around lol.