031 STBS: The Latino2 Conference and Networking

Hey Everyone!  I really can't wait to share this episode with you.  In it, you'll hear my panel discussion at the Latino2 conference that was held in Silicon Valley.  It was an amazing experience.

The conference itself had about 150 people in attendance and had some major players in the tech world.  There were a number of speakers, including social media guru, Brian Solis, and all of them were awesome. It was a huge reminder to me about the power of networking and getting to know people.

For those that don't know, the reason that I was invited to speak at the event in the first place was because of a friend of mine that I met through an in-person social media meetup.  We ended up talking, and about a week later she asked if I would like to be on a panel.  Without hesitation I agreed.

Now, even though I was excited about the prospect, I was EXTREMELY nervous because I've never spoken in front of that many people before – let alone people of that caliber.  I had butterflies, I was sweating, I needed to go to the boy's room every 30 minutes leading up to the talk (seriously). I really didn't feel like I had the expertise to add any value to the audience.

Thankfully, it went very well and I was able to share about outsourcing and podcasting – something that almost nobody else was doing.  The experience brought so many great opportunities and relationships that it was well worth stepping out in faith and feeling the anxiety that comes with taking a risk.

I hope you like the audio.  Let me know what you think in the comments!