033 STBS: Ted Nguyen on Growing Your Business With Public Relations

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A lot of small business owners think that PR equates to sending out press releases in hopes of getting a huge increase in traffic to their website, and subsequently more business.  Well, in this episode Ted Nguyen, PR guru and social media expert, shatters the common misconception that PR is only about spamming the press.

Ted talks about how getting involved in the community and creating newsworthy buzz is one of the best ways to attract media attention, and also to be seen as a thought leader rather than just another business.  It's not about you, it's what you are doing for the community, and that makes news.

There is also a common misconception that PR is the same as marketing.  However, as Ted shows, there is a huge difference.  Anyone can buy an ad on a radio or TV station, but not everyone can create something that attracts the press and wins hearts and minds.  PR is something that takes skill and creativity rather than lots of money.

Lastly, we discuss how the lines between PR and social media are blurring and that most media outlets rely on social media to get the latest news and connect with people who are noteworthy.  Knowing how to utilize new social networking avenues and understanding how the press works can mean big things for your business!