034 STBS: How to Outsource Like a Pro With John Jonas

In this interview I talk to John Jonas, one of the leading experts in hiring people to help your business from the Philippines.  He is also the creator of the program called Replace Myself (Yes, it's affiliate link.  And yes, I've tried it and love it) – a program that is designed to teach you how to not only hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines, but it also provides extremely detailed training to your virtual assistant on how to build affiliate sites (which is what I used to be successful in my Niche Adventure).

In this we talk about:

  • How he began  building a staff of online workers..
  • Why he only works with folks in the Philippines.
  • Why he ONLY hires full-time employees.
  • Some pitfalls you may have when you first start handing over your work to someone else.
  • How to be a succesful business owner.

John has some great stuff on his site and he is one of the main reasons why I am able to be successful in my side business.  You can check out his blog at JonasBlog.com.


  • Harry

    July 18, 2011

    Sunny day, tell me how to get to Sesame Street… Great pod coast today Dean. I really had no way of knowing where to begin with the possibility of looking at some of the areas you and Jonas covered. I loved the tips and the pros and cons. Super episode and I did take notes as well. Thanks so much.


    • Dean Soto

      July 23, 2011


      You need to stop spamming. You go into my spam folder every time lol. Nah JK, something is up with Akismet. Even I go into the spam folder too, lol. Thanks man. I am so glad that it helped. John is a great resource.

  • Clint

    July 26, 2011


    This was a totally awesome podcast! I learned so much from you and John on this subject. This podcast would have probably prevented my iPad app development debacle LOL.

    Keep up the GREAT work on the podcast and continue to crush it with great business info!


    • Dean Soto

      July 31, 2011

      Hey Clint! You are welcome, my friend. Glad it helped and was valuable.

      Well, even in the Philippines you run into not so good folks. In fact, I’ve had a number of VAs from there that didn’t work out. But all-in-all I love their culture and the majority of them work very hard and you’ll bounce back and get your app made. =)

      Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!