036 STBS: Living the Virtual Business Lifestyle with Chris Ducker

In this week's episode I have the distinct pleasure of interviewing a guy that I definitely look up to when it comes to the business world, Chris Ducker from Virtual Business Lifestyle. Chris is also the owner o Virtual Staff Finder, a great service that matches entrepreneurs with great talent from the Philippines.

One thing that makes Chris so unique is that he has been able to create a 200 person business and at the same time he's been slowly taking himself out of the operations of that business – giving him enough time to innovate and achieve more while working less on the things that don't matter.

In the interview we talk about some of the strategies and tips that new entrepreneurs can use to get away from drowning in the busy work in order to push their business forward. He also gives a really great tip on where to find iPhone developers (and it's not in the Philippines).

If you have the chance, check out his blog, as well as Virtual Staff Finder.