041 EIP: Webinar Replay: Killer Virtual Assistant Business Models

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Thank you to all that attended.  It was a great webinar and there were a lot of great questions.  I hope that you were able to see all of the amazing virtual assistant business models there are.  There is almost an unlimited amount of

Here were some of the resources mentioned in the presentation:

See you at the next webinar that will be coming soon.  Topic will be Hiring and Quality Control: How to Find Hidden Overseas Rock Stars.  Shoot me your questions and I'll make sure to answer them in the webinar or on the next podcast.


  • Doug Noble

    May 10, 2012

    Great webinar Dean! Yet another valuable resource that you have provided. I’ve been following since around 2010 and love to hear your strategies, successes and hard earned lessons. I use many of the things you have taught me every day. Keep up the great work my friend. Look forward to the next webinar.

    • Dean Soto

      May 11, 2012

      Hey Doug,

      Dude, no problem! You are doing some amazing things and I’ll glad to see you thriving, my man. Just finished up the second webinar and should have it up in a few days. Thanks for being a long-time friend and keep up the great work!