044 EIP: Building an Amazon Selling Empire with Brett Bartlett

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If I can give you one phrase to describe this podcast it's…  “HOLY #($*!”

Seriously, not only was this one of the longest podcast interviews ever done on this show, it is one of the most valuable and amazing information that I have ever heard of.

Brett BartlettSo..  here's the deal, Brett Bartlett is someone that is very special to me (you'll find out why in the podcast) and he was able to not only able to help his new wife live her dream of being a stay-at-home mom, he turned his side-business into a full-time Amazon-selling powerhouse.

Everybody has heard of selling on eBay or even being a third-party seller on Amazon where you ship your own products to buyers.  Personally, I've always loathed both models because there is no way in heck I am going to buy a ton of stuff, fill my garage, and pray that I make sales so I can get them out!

Well, Brett is going to share how he makes Amazon hold all of the stuff that he sells through the Amazon FBA program, and how he is able to make enough money to be a full-time entrepreneur in Southern California.

Oh, and he is also going to do a free live webinar where he'll show you how to make $100 from Amazon with simple stuff from your house.  Sign up below to find out more!


  • Chris Hess

    October 22, 2012

    Dean and Brett,

    Awesome podcast. Brett, I appreciate your confidence in Dean, I’ve always wondered how shady of a guy he is 😉

    I’ve signed up for the webinar, not because I think this is where I will make my millions but because of the synergy you two have together and the great ideas and confidence that will come from that discussion. I’d love to hear you two on more podcast episodes, either here or somewhere else.

    My favorite line from this episode was to “move away from the home run and focus on the low hanging fruit.” I think that is so true. So often we jump from one shiny object to the next hoping for that million dollar payout. We don’t take the opportunity to either let the idea work or focus on where we could really capitalize over time. If we find small wins we can tune them up to larger wins and eventually break free of the limits we are currently facing.

    Often times we have to go through a tough period of refining where we work late nights and early mornings (and Saturdays) to prove that we really want something before it pays off. In some cases this refining comes in the form of a lack of time and in others it is a lack of money (or even both) but if we find ways to actually make some money, we know we have something that we can grow. Maybe it is just an intermediary step to getting us to where we want to get, but it is a necessary step to grow out of our current situation.

    Thanks again guys!

    • Dean Soto

      October 23, 2012


      Thanks for the comment, my friend. LOL, yeah I’m not very shady – but I’ll teach you how to make $2.5 million dollars with only 30 minutes of work! The course costs a measly $10K, and think of all of the money you’ll make.

      Joking aside. You hit the nail on the head, my friend. You are in the service business so you know how easy it is, relatively speaking, to get a customer. Rather than spending 3 months on a niche site doing SEO, you can go and meet people and turn them into a client within a week or less. Of course, growing from there and delivering value is the difficult part.

      “So often we jump from one shiny object to the next hoping for that million dollar payout.” <--- I am totally guilty of this and it's key for entrepreneurs to avoid this at all costs. There are no million dollar payouts. Do what is profitable, as small as it may be, and grow it. You started off small too, Chris, and had to expand through hiring etc. One of these next podcast we should have you on if you are up for it?

  • Harry

    November 12, 2012

    Dean, great podcast with Brett. I really enjoyed and it comes at such a great time for me in my journey through the entrepreneur maze and roller coaster! I would love to hear an episode with your Grandma. :O) Great job to you and Brett and my best wishes to Brett as he continues to grow his business.

    Your friend and fan,