064 OEA Podcast: How and Why Do Businesses use Podcasts?

Podcasting has had a tremendous impact on our business over the years and most of the customers that have been with us for over 3 years were originally podcast listeners.  In the Amazon FBA community there are a lot of great people that are sharing their content on platforms like Spreecast, Youtube, Zoom, and Gotowebinar (Awesome guys like Duane Malek and Todd Lammi use these platforms very well), but very few have a podcast.

Why is that?

If you are like most people, podcasts seem mysterious and difficult to get into.  The cool thing, however, is that they are really easy and are a great way to grow your audience over time via large podcasting directories like iTunes and Stitcher.

In this episode, we take you through the why of podcasting and give some examples of how it has benefited our business.  We also give you some cheap ways to get started podcasting without having to spend a lot of equipment.  We also share an great (and 100% free course) on how to start podcasting that you can find at www.learnhowtopodcast.com.  It has a ton of videos and resources that are absolutely free.

If you have even the slightest inkling to start podcasting, this episode is for you.  If you think your business will benefit from having access to thousands of listeners on iTunes and other huge directories, then you definitely want to consider using a podcast for your business.

About The Author

Dean Soto

Founder of the Online Empire Academy and creator of Wooshmetrics.com