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068 OEA Podcast: Using Pinterest to Boost Your eBay Sales

So it looks like Pinterest isn't only for ladies fashion, quotes and pictures of cats, you can also use it to boost your eBay sales.  Who knew?

Well…  Josh Woodward knows and he's the reason behind the topic of today's podcast episode.

Thanks to Josh's wife, he took one of his products and started posting pictures of it on Pinterest with no real expectations.  But when he woke up the next day he got a phone call from his father asking him if he'd seen the stats on his eBay listings?

They literally skyrocketed!

In this podcast Josh talks about how he took some of the things that he learned after reading the Silent Sales Machine (a book that not only goes into how to sell physical products online, but also how to create multiple avenues of reach) he implemented his Pinterest strategy and it worked.  Now he's building a community around his product and people are loving what he is doing so much that they are willing to buy what he has to sell.

We also talk about some of the ways you can use Pinterest to boost your sales right now with products you are currently selling.

Also, this was the first podcast that we've done live. and won't be the last.  Every Monday and Thursday we do live podcasts for the community so that you can ask questions from our guests.  It's going to be pretty amazing and we hope that it helps your business to grow bigtime!  You can be a part of our live podcasts by clicking here!

Lastly, we now have a voicemail feedback line where you can leave feedback and questions for the show.  If you'd love to have your questions answered on the show, please leave us some feedback at 714-643-5301.  It's just one more way that we are trying to help grow your business!

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