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077 OEA Podcast – Motivations, Part 2 of Passions + Work = Productivity

Motivations is Part two of Passions + Work = Productivity
We all have motivations, they are the driving force behind what we do every day.
Why do you do you go to work?
Providing for your family?
to Gain wealth?
or Making a name for yourself?
We all have motivations

I had one conversation that changed my perception on motivations forever.

What was shared in that conversations was The 5 Basic Rolls of Business (the Wild West Version)

– The Modern day Inventor
Example: Tired of spending hours on his lawn
+ Dreams of a better way to maintain his lawn
+ Begins developing his product and getting patents
+ Lets call it “Lawn Magic”
What makes the inventor come alive?
“I can invent a product that will change the world!”

– The modern day Entrepreneur
Example: He/She connects with the inventor of Lawn Magic at a conference
+ He/She buys in with the drive, team & cash to produce the Lawn Magic product.
+ They are the ones taking the risks that no one else would before.
What Makes the Entrepreneur come alive?
“Im going to find & fund the worlds next big product!”

– The modern day Developer or Architect
Example: A Huge part of the entrepreneurs team
+ Creates a structure/system around the launch of “Lawn Magic”
+ Blue prints, website, Facebook groups, licensing and all the behind the scenes work.
What makes the Developer come alive?
“I live for laying the foundation, creating structures and building systems around a product or person.”

#4-City Builder
– The modern day Producer
Example: Uses the blueprints given to develop the product further
+ Manufacturing
+ Building the brand (What is “Lawn Magic”)
+ Working with the website
+ Growing Facebook groups
+ Takes what ever the Developer gives and grows it.
What makes the producer come alive?
“I live to bring the best products to the best markets with the best team.”

#5-Shop owner
– the modern day owner
Example: The Brand has been developed
+ You continue promoting
+ You continue as the sales man or woman
+ The store (amazon, ebay, etsy……) has been created
+ You as the owner sell the physical product.
+ You hire on and train employees as needed
+ Complete the loop, consumers consume.
What does the shop owner live for?
“I live to be the best market place with the best products for my customers.”

What are your motivations. What are the things that make you come alive? This podcast has the potential to change the way you operate as a business man or woman. Your ability to identify your Basic roll and partner that with part one of this series will change your outlook on business forever! It has changed me!