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078 OEA Podcast – Taking Your Business to the Next Level with Deirdre Harter

Have you been selling on Amazon, but don’t know how to double your sales?
Are you frustrated with increased competition and lower margins?
Do you need help with inventory reports, sales reports, bookkeeping , taxes and knowing what your return on investment is?
Do you have a PROVEN SOURCING & SELLING PLAN in place so that you can double or triple your annual sales?
Are you tired of working a full time job while trying to build your online sales in order to have the freedom of earning your own income?
Would If I told you our guest today could coach you through it all?
Deirdre Harter is not only a powerhouse Amazon seller but has a B.A. in accounting and minor in marketing along with 23 years as a practicing accountant.
Your amazon business doesnt have to be just another means of income. Would if you could take this business to the next level so it became the main source of your income? Would if you didnt have to give up your life and family in the process?
Over the years I have had the chance to speak with and meet some amazing sellers who have made Amazon there lives work. Until interviewing Deirdre I had never met a seller that was willing to not just share there secrets but take you hand in hand step by step through the process of becoming a power seller.
Fourth quarter is always in the mind of a good seller, but what about tax season. Wouldnt you want a good accountant on your team when this season comes around? Better yet wouldnt you want the tools to be able to complete taxes with ease? 23 years as a practicing accountant more than qualifies Deirdre in this field and she is ready and willing to walk you through the maze that taxes can be.
If you want your questions answered and the help you have been desiring…You do not want to miss this!!!