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088 OEA Podcast – Great Resource for New Amazon Sellers

If you are looking for a Great Resource for New Amazon Sellers you are in the right place.
Today we had the honor of talking with Greg Purdy and Gary Baird. These are two amazing men dedicated to spreading their knowledge as well as help and strengthen all those who are willing to listen.

For those of you looking for a great source to help you on you amazon sales They run an amazing site called Seller Essentials. They are dedicated to helping you find the resources you need as an ecommerce professional.
It doesnt matter what level you are selling at they have the tools, knowledge and information to help you. They cater to sellers on both amazon and ebay. With step by step instructions available, In depth courses, a tested supplies section and up to date news they provide just about everything right on there site.

One of my favorite features is there “Essential daily Deals” section. If you could have profitable items delivered to your inbox everyday of the week with no work involved would you do it? Essential Daily Deals does just that.

We believe in the power this can have for any level seller and we wanted to bring Greg and Gary on a webinar to show Just that. We will be walking through 10 live daily deals totally free. These will be items you could source right then and there and make a profit. More than that we wanted to give you, the Empire community a chance to see the masters at work. With 20+ years between them they know how to make things happen in the ecom world. This will be your chance to pick the brains of the guys who coach the best, get ten profitable items right off the bat and learn how to source product quickly and efficiently using Essential Daily Deals.

If you want to know more about this webinar click the link below and join the fun!

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