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091 OEA Podcast – Best Step by Step Guide to Selling on Amazon FBA

Best Step by Step Guide to Selling on Amazon FBA

Our guest Amy Feierman has produced in my opinion one of the Best Step by Step Guides to Selling on Amazon FBA.

Laying the Foundation for Amazon Selling Success has been a dream for Amy Feierman ever since she started selling. In her beginnings there wasn't a ton to go off of and if there where helpful tools they tended to be pretty expensive. As most of us have experienced, beginning your amazon or eBay business isnt always cheap.

After a good nudge from a good friend Amy dug deep and created the very thing she found lacking in the market. all of her blood sweat and tears led to this amazing book, Amazon FBA Launch Pad.

Now what does Amazon FBA Launch Pad do?
It will help you evolve your e-commerce business by adding Amazon as a selling platform.
It will help you understand why Fulfillment by Amazon is a smart choice to move your business forward.
It will give you the leg up on your starting competition without having to spend a copious amount of money.

If you are wanting to get started selling on Amazon FBA there is no better time to get started then now.

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