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093 OEA Podcast – Developing an Ecommerce Brand with John Lawson

Developing an Ecommerce Brand with John Lawson

John Lawson is one of the “go to” authority when it comes to online selling success in the Digital Age. Not only is he the brains behind the bestselling digital marketing book on Amazon, “Kickass Social Commerce for Epreneurs,” but he is also a multiple award winning social commerce strategist, űber successful digital entrepreneur and a sought after speaker who has traveled to 5 continents, touring more than two dozen countries and addressing tens of thousands of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

We had him on the show today to share about building a brand, establishing solid traffic and getting your products on the platforms they need to be. If you have had struggles establishing your purpose in the ecommerce world you are not alone. So many of us sell sporadically, whatever i can flip for a profit i will throw myself into. the problem with this is you never develop a real following. I’m not saying you need go private label everything but there is an importance to branding yourself within the ecom world.

You will learn how to get people attached to your brand no matter what you are selling. repeat customers is the goal and John Lawson is the man to teach us.

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