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094 OEA Podcast – From Rags to Riches the Amazon Way with Johnny King

From Rags to Riches the Amazon Way with Johnny King

The online empire academy really is here for one thing, to help people grow there businesses into an empire. Over the last few years we have seen some amazing stories of growth within our community and the ecom world.
Johnny King (pretty much the coolest name ever) is a long time member of the online empire academy and is absolutely dominating the online arbitrage scene. But he didnt start there, I was amazed talking with him at how well he has grown and developed his strategies.
A little bit of his story. While in College, with a wife and kids Johnny knew he needed to make some extra income. Starting with eBay He saw some success but soon realized the amazing opportunity the amazon world provided. His journey in arbitrage began as much of our journey did, going to retail stores. With only so much time in the day his focus transitioned from going out to physical story's to the online marker place.
Once venturing into online arbitrage there was no turning back. Johnny has now made a full time career out of his abilities. there is one problem, as he has dug deeper into online arbitrage he has been finding more items then he could ever use.
He didn't want these amazing deals going to waste so he created OA Deals. This is a facebook group with one purpose only, sharing online arbitrage deals. If you want to find out more about this page and everything else he is doing you can go to,

if you want to find out more about the Online Empire Academy and everything we are doing you can find us at,
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