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096 OEA Podcast – Conquering the Fear of Creating A Podcast with Stephen Peterson

Conquering the Fear of Creating A Podcast with Stephen Peterson

Beginning a podcast can be a scary journey but my friends you are in for a treat. Stephen Peterson is one of the best up and coming podcasters out there.
I had the amazing privilege of meeting Stephen a while back. You cannot ever be around him and not walk away feeling like a million bucks. He is uplifting, informative and always excited to share his immense knowledge about the ecommerce world.

Stephen Peterson and his wife are online sellers. They have accounts on Amazon, Ebay, our own site and soon Etsy and 11Main. their journey in the ecommerce world started to help pay for college costs for their sons and it has really become quite the hobby/obsession. Stephen and his wife have done it all whether selling new, used, wholesale, Private Label in most every category and are always looking for more opportunities.

The craziest part of all, They are are still full time in the workforce. If you have every felt overwhelmed with your ventures trust me these guys can relate. They are a fantastic example of finding the work/work/life balance, and if you need help they absolutely love to share the knowledge they have gathered!

If you have ever been interested in starting your own podcast, Stephen is the person to learn from. On his website he shares a little bit about his journey,
“I love listening to podcasts while I work, workout, cutting the lawn… can you tell I really enjoy learning? There are some very good ones right now (see the reference section (here)) to see the ones I am listening too right now. So back to my WHY: I recently spoke to a group in Baltimore at Greg Purdy’s Momentum Conference and kept hearing about people getting stuck, they have some level of success, want to move up a level but keep moving backwards and they are frustrated! There are so many people who have moved past “Stuck” and have achieved a desired higher level (all relative) and I want to bring them and more importantly their processes to help others get past their sticking points.”

I feel so inspired every chance i get to talk with this amazing man. Whether you are wanting to learn how to podcast, feel bogged down in your work load, need some expert tips on how to better your business or just need to hear a fantastic podcast to listen to on your way to and from work Stephen is your man.

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