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097 OEA Podcast – Build Social Engagement Around Your Product With Snagshout

Build social engagement around your product with Snagshout.

If you have ever created you are in the process of creating your own product or already have products you know how incredibly frustrating the process of driving traffic to your items can be. Our team is working every day to find, create or develop that next big product. Our team kept running into the same problem….how do we create social engagement around this product not just a temporary buzz. We needed help to do this. Thats when we got connected with the team over at Seller Labs.

In this podcast we are talking to Jeff Cohen from seller labs. These guys are helping break down the massive mountain of traffic. I love my job and I love interviewing the people who are changing the game and Jeff and his team are doing just that.

So what is seller labs? In their words, “We think work should enrich your life–not detract from it. That's why we began developing e-commerce software, to give sellers more control of their time. As former Amazon merchants we understand what it takes to make an e-commerce business successful. So we implemented our software development talents into creating exceptional products that will save our customers time and make them money. We're built upon a foundation of strong coding, heroic customer service, and stellar industry content. Whether combined or used alone, our tools give customers the absolute best e-commerce tools available.”

One of there most recent developements has been there app, Snagshout. This might be one of our favorite and most valuable resources out there for helping your product ranking.
Just a little Inside secrets form Joshua…. I totally use this app it any time I need to purchase a present because of the amazing discounts on products. also I know im helping sellers like myself so i feel that much more awesome about my purchase. If you dont understand now you will after listening to this podcast.

So What Can Snagshout Do For My Brand on Amazon?

1. Increase Amazon Conversions – Subsidize your organic sales on Amazon with a Snagshout promotion. Increased conversions means more revenue and a higher search ranking.

2. Amazon Product Reviews – Product reviews are crucial to selling on Amazon. This will increase the chances of getting genuine reviews from everyday shoppers.

3.Exposure – Get your products and brand in front of 90,000 (and growing) shoppers. More eyeballs means more sales.

4. Marketing – Shoppers are now marketing your products through social media, word of mouth and leaving product reviews. Create conversations now.

5. Automation – Snagshout automates every campaign. Set your quantity, discount and price on the easy-to-use interface and our system does the rest.

6. Discoverability – Increased conversions and reviews means your products will rank better and be more relevant in searches on sites like Amazon.

We have been been using feedback genius (another one of their apps) for quite a while and absolutely love what it has done for our business but Snagshout has changed the game for us. Combining these two apps we have been able to build some absolutely incredible social engagement, sales and reviews around our products.

We where so blessed to have Jeff on and share this amazing resource with you. if you want to know more about Sellerlabs and Snagshout you can go to,

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