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098 OEA Podcast – Becoming A Full Time Seller on Amazon FBA with Mike and Britni Ross

Whats up Empire,

How many of you could replace your income and the benefits with your online businesses?
For allot of people in our community that still feels like a pipe dream. Our guests today share there story and how that “pipe dream” quickly became there reality with the loss of a job and some serious determination.

After Mike Ross's Job loss in 2002 Mike took a swing at selling on eBay full time. His wife Britni still working full time but it wasnt enough to cover the bills. Two months into this new ebay venture he was doing so well the welfare checks stopped coming. For the next 10 years Mike sold full time on eBay. There business was thriving and Mike and Britni where expecting. Mike caught wind of the amazing things you could do with Amazon FBA. They dropped everything and (right before their child was born) invested in a $2,000 FBA coaching course. Within a year of sending their first item into amazon Britni was able to quite her job and in there words “We couldn't have done this on eBay alone.”

Overcoming these massive challenges has become a normal part of there life. im sure some of you could relate to there story. The one thing that has kept them pushing (and sane) is pressing into community. Most of us in the ecom world tend to work alone all day. Building a community is the thing that will keep you grounded and focused. For those of you wanting to go full time, I know that it can be intimidating. The Ross's are an amazing couple and an incredible inspiration. They always go above and beyond to help those around them. I truly respect this couple and cant say enough about the inspiration they bring.

I took some notes during the interview and boiled down my top 4 take aways.

The Ross's 101 to becoming a powerhouse seller

1. Be the best you and let your production match it.
– Spend the time to become the best and most productive version of yourself and you will see that shine though in the content/product/systems you are involved in

2. Put tools in place that make your business better.
– Follow the model the Ross's share about putting in an elevator in there house to make there systems so much quicker.

3. Invest the $2,000 now so you can see the millions latter.
– Investing in the $2000 course ended up being the best decision the Ross's made. Don't be afraid to spend money to make money.

4. Optimize your space before you grow your staff
– Don't rush to higher people, asses how you can optimize your existing systems and make the changes.

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