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100 OEA Podcast – Celebrate Our 100th Podcast Episode with a Free Gift

Whats up Empire,

Joshua Woodward here. today is a day to be celebrated. We have officially recorded our 100th Online Empire Academy podcast episode.

Woohoo! It's amazing that this day has come and we want you to celebrate with us.

First surprise we have for you today is (drumroll please) Dean Soto. We asked Dean to come on today to share in the celebration and the history of this amazing show.

IF you didnt know Dean is the Co-Founder and reason that the Online Empire Academy is alive and kicking everyday. He is our web wizard, the infrastructure builder, and the guy that's able to figure anything and everything out.

When he's not hiring people overseas to build web applications, or integrating the latest technology for Me (Joshua) to use with the Podcasts, Master Classes webinars, he's teaching people how to outsource, how to write sales copy, and how to build amazing email marketing campaigns.

He's a tech, sales, web, and operations wizard all rolled into one guy.

Second surprise, Because this is such an amazing milestone for our community we wanted to not only share the podcast episode with you, we also wanted to give you a free gift

It's tax time in the US, and what better way to make 2016 great than to save a few thousand dollars on your taxes? In December we had Amazon tax expert Deirdre Harter share some amazing tips to lower your tax liability for your online business and make a lot more money year round.

This was a live class that folks paid for, the replay is yours for free.
Copy the link below to get access to this amazing class,

Happy 100th podcast, and hope you have a great 2016!

If you want to know more about the Online Empire Academy go to,
or you can join the fun on Facebook at,

Until next time Empire,

Have a great day!

Joshua Woodward and the O.E.A. team

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