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101 OEA Podcast – Overcoming Your Private Label Obstacles

Overcoming Your Private Label Obstacles – The Online Empire Academy

Today our guest is an amazing woman by the name of Nedalee Thomas.

Nedalee Thomas is founder and CEO of Chanson Water USA. Her sweet Grandma knew what she was getting into. It’s not cheap to buy the exclusive for the United States to distribute a brand! Getting started, the risks were astronomical. They had no money of our own. They didn't speak the manufacturer’s language, didn't know anything about importing and didn't have a distribution channel to sell the required 100 a month. They had only been selling 5 a month of another brand, but pressed in and ran with it. Her Grandma was paid back and then some within a year and our sales doubled every year for the first 3 years to 2.2 million.

Nedalee has much to share about maintaining web traffic, sales, and is an engaging speaker. She enjoys sharing her methods of success with entrepreneurs. She is also an author, speaker, mother, grandmother, former foster mother, and business woman with a marketing degree who opened her first retail store at 23 years of age. Nedalee has always looked to educate, help others and give back to those around her and has deeply embedded these core values into the company’s culture. She is a strong Christ follower who occasionally volunteers her time driving a truck and collecting donations for a group that feeds 950 families a week and is also a speaker who encourages women and youth. Nedalee loves sharing her story about how drinking ionized alkaline water took away the arthritic pain from a 20+ year knee injury and improved her vision so much that her eye glass prescription had to be reduced twice in four years.

Nedalee and her team at Chanson Water are passionate about people, health, their products and what their products do for people’s health. They are a multi-million dollar, multi-national, multi-generational family owned corporation.

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