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102 OEA Podcast – Shoes Suck! How Steven Sashen Broke Through the Marketing Norms

Shoes Suck! How Steven Sashen Broke Through the Marketing Norms – The Online Empire Academy

Steven has one of those overnight success stories. He is the creator of Xero Shoes and Let me just tell you empire there are some golden nuggets in this podcast. If you are building your brand, he drops a bomb at the end that I have continually come back to. If you haven’t seen the value of understanding your brand, partnering with the people that push you forward, and the value of customer first marketing hopefully you see it today.

But Empire Steven is so much more than his success with Xero Shoes. He is a Masters All-American sprinter (one of the fastest men over the age of 50 in the US) and former All-American gymnast. He was also a professional stand-up comic, cognitive psychology researcher, and taught Tai Chi and Zen Archery. Steven is also the creator of Scriptware, the industry-standard word processor for film and TV. The list goes on and on. One hour talking to this amazing man changed my perspective on #1 how im walking and #2 how I approach the opportunities around me.

So what are these sandal lookin shoes? They are a modern spin on the traditional barefoot running sandal — durable, stylish and affordable — and so light and low-profile it’s like you’re not wearing anything. Yet, you get a strong layer of protection, your feet and legs work the way nature intended, your posture can naturally realign, and you awaken your senses and stimulate your brain as you Feel The World.

Many people describe how barefoot running has improved their running, healed old injuries, strengthened their feet and legs, turned flat feet into feet with arches, and much more. They are also Backed by our 5,000 Mile Warranty. (You can’t hate that)
Steven was an incredibly passionate, inspiring and exciting guest to have on the show. I feel so blessed that he took the time to be on the show with us today. Hopefully you enjoyed the podcast as much as i did.

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