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Learn How to Developing Red Hot Partnerships – The Online Empire Academy

So many of us struggle being able to take the idea in our heads and put that idea into action. This problem exactly is what drove me to start this series.
For the next few weeks we will be talking about private labeling. I have lined up some fun and out of the box interviews. I want to show all the sides of private labeling as possible.

Today we have a fun guest on the show. Before i get into it, let me paint you a little picture. You are sitting in a restaurant and hungry as all get out. The waiter comes with your piping hot prime ribs with a side of mashed potatoes. After posting a beautiful picture to your newly created (food centered) instagram account You reach for the hot sauce to bring that prime rib to the next level…..But wait there's no hot sauce…..even worse they don’t carry any hot sauce in house.

Our guest lives to see this problem depleted all across the world. Larry Jorgensen is the founder of My Custom Hot Sauce. My Custom Hot Sauce is a south Louisiana hot sauce manufacturer, specializing in custom hot sauces. Their goal is to create just the right hot sauce for you. whether that be your business label on a bottle of their already famous flavors or if you would like them to mix you up your own secret blend they are ready to do it for you.

I love this model. I am passionate about partnering with my local community and that is exactly how Larry got his business up and running. He had his own private label hot sauce. They had made a few recipes but wanted to take it to the next level. They realized there market could grow substantially by reaching out to local businesses to put their labels on the sauce.
After securing a larger manufacture there new bottles they jumped all in.

After a few years and hundreds of clients served they are the premier private label hot sauce location. I wanted to have them on because they are implementing a fundamental so many of us selling online forget, work with those in your local community to build your existing brands. If you have an already successful PL product why not reach out to local groups, businesses and programs. What you are doing is limited to exactly that… You. Grow bigger than yourselves and watch the profits grow alongside.

For those of you with your gears already turning, YES you can private label these sauces and sell on amazon. Just shoot Larry’s teams an email at and let them know you are coming from the Online Empire Academy.

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