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105 OEA Podcast – Diversify Your Business with Multiple Revenue Streams

Many of us struggle being able to take the idea in our heads and put that idea into action. This problem exactly is what drove me to start this series.
For the next few weeks we will be talking about private labeling. I have lined up some fun and out of the box interviews. I want to show all the sides of private labeling as possible.

Today we will be talking about diversifying your private label business with Etsy. Gloria Pearson is our guest and a top Etsy seller. She shares her insight on the world of Etsy and what it can do for your business. If you haven't thought about it yet, Amazon may not be the only place to be promoting your PL products. The best thing you can do for your business is diversification.

After a while your products are growing and sales are flowing. Have you thought about expanding into other market places? Amazon is not the only ecom site and there could potentially be thousands of shoppers you have yet to reach. You may have considered eBay and I would highly encourage you to begin selling on that platform. But there is a platform not usually associated with the PL game. That my friends is Etsy.
Now you may be thinking, “isn’t etsy only for handmade goods?” the answer is yes. The DIY market is booming and as private labelers we have an opportunity to blow this market up. So how in the world will I get my products on the site if I don't make them myself? The answer is simple, It doesn't have to be your current product. There are people all over the world who need their custom made products represented online. Just take five minutes and search “handmade goods” on google. Find the sites that don't have product represented on etsy, ebay and amazon and email those individuals about working with them.
Partnerships are going to change the game when it comes to private labeling. Sure you can grow some awesome brands on your own but what about the brands already selling that are not yet represented? You already have the experience and can bring those brands to the next level

My challenge to you is this,
#1. Go to a local craft fair.
#2. Watch the crowd and see what booths are visited the most.
#3. Have a conversation with the booth and find out if they are represented.
#4. Offer to partner with them.

The worst they can say is they are not interested. There is no harm in asking. The quickest way to grow is through diversification. Start thinking past Amazon and look towards the ones who are already making ripples in their marketplaces.

If you are interested in the Etsy marketplace and want to look at an already successful seller go check out Glorias etsy page,

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