106 OEA Podcast – How Your Creative Ideas Can Lead to Massive Profits

Many of us struggle being able to take the idea in our heads and put that idea into action. This problem exactly is what drove me to start this series.
For the next few weeks we will be talking about private labeling. I have lined up some fun and out of the box interviews. I want to show all the sides of private labeling as possible.

Today we will be talking continuing the conversation about diversifying your private label business. All of us at some point have had an amazing idea we didn’t act on. Sure enough a few years later that product hits the market. Im going to refer to this as the dumb tax. You don’t act on the idea you pay the dumb tax by missing out on all of those killer profits.

My dumb tax moment was the Key Finder. I was notorious for losing my keys. It became an almost daily occurrence. Every Time I would find them the thought would run through my head, I should create a tool that tracks my keys everywhere they went. In the past few years numerous brands have come out solving this ancient issue. Yes you probably thought of the same thing and guess what…..we all missed out.

You are now in the private label industry and have the opportunity to never pay that dumb tax again. Kylie Clayborne is one of those individual that took her amazing idea and ran with it. Kylie a Mom of 2 boys, Ezra & Heston Royce. She, like you wanted something different. She loves shopping but was honestly so tired of superheroes & princesses. She wanted real faces, real people for her boys and all kids to look up to. People that helped those around them and helped shape the world we live in today. She started digging into images and came across beautiful vintage stamps which led to many inspiring historical images & stories. Her next thoughts truly were: These people are real SUPER heroes! Thus her company Wee-Rascals was born!

“We hope you feel inspired by the faces and deeds of these legendary heroes. We wanted something different so we created it. We hope these faces make their way into the hearts and minds of kids all over the world, yours and mine, and elevate them to a higher standard.” Kylie Clayborne

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