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107 OEA Podcast – Mastering Private Label Products One Step at A Time

Many of us struggle being able to take the idea in our heads and put that idea into action. This problem exactly is what drove me to start this series.
For the next few weeks we will be talking about private labeling. I have lined up some fun and out of the box interviews. I want to show all the sides of private labeling as possible.

Travis Ross is in the midst of his private label journey. I wanted to bring him on because he is in the thick of this journey. So many of us are working from home and for the majority of us its alone. That can get discouraging. You are not alone! Everyone needs hope every now and again.

Like most of us Travis has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He has always had different ventures going. After moving for a position at a church in Denver Colorado the Ross family needed to make some extra cash. After hearing about the wonders of amazon Travis and his wife began their amazing amazon journey. Most of us start with garage sales or thrift stores but the Ross’s went straight into arbitrage. After seeing some success they went straight to the heart, Private label. With a year under their belt They have built a thriving home and kitchen line.

Community is so key to keeping yourself afloat. Like I said before, it can get depressing being alone all the time. One of my biggest passions is community and one of the best ways to build community is through meetups, community events and conferences. having someone near you that is doing the same things can really change the way you do work.

My favorite way to build a lasting community is through conferences. Networking is key to building a lasting business. and there is no better way to find like minded people than going to a conference. Last year I attended the ecom chicago conference and the connections forever changed this show, our production, and the way we do relationships.

Travis saw the same opportunity and decided to do something about it. With his partner Travis will be hosting one of the most sellers conferences of this year in Denver Colorado. The list of guest speakers is absolutely amazing and the price is one of the best out there. I negotiated a special price for you Empire. Travis and his partner will be giving a $25 discount to anyone coming from this podcast with the code EMPIRE.

If you want to join this amazing opportunity, begin building an amazing community and secure your $25 discount with the EMPIRE code, go to,

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