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108 OEA Podcast – Learn From the Master of Making Money On The Internet, Chris Guthrie

We are taking a break today from our private label podcasts and talking to a legend within our community, Chris Guthrie. If you haven't heard his name you most likely have come across projects he has been instrumental in creating or partnering on. Like Sales backer, Ama Suite, Easy Azon and

Chris is the Master of Making Money On The Internet. He has done it a thousand different ways and happens to be one of the most helpful dudes out there.

Chris has been self employed since October 2009. Ever since he said goodbye to the typical 9 – 5 day job he’s been earning a living online with the freedom to work from wherever he wants on whatever he wants.

Chris is the man for helping you with getting your online business / website started.

There are literally hundreds of ways to earn extra money online whether to supplement your existing income and help pay the bills or to grow into a business that could help you quit your job. Both options are possible and exactly what Chris shares in his Kindle books. He shares the strategies and techniques to succeed based on my real life experiences in various areas of marketing and online business.

I hope you have enjoyed everything Chris has taught us today and more importantly – put into action what you've learned.

Chris has an incredible free 10 day course you do not want to miss out on,

How To Make $1,000+ Per Month With Websites

He was also kind enough to offer his email to help answer anyone questions,

If you would like to know more about his blog or books you can find them here,

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