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112 OEA Podcast – Stay at Home Dad Making Great Money Selling on Amazon FBA

Whats up Empire,

Joshua Woodward here.

Today we have on an incredibly inspirational guest. If you are a stay at home parent and have found yourself struggling to balance all the things on your plate our guest understands. If you have found that at times your amazon account has fell to the wayside or even worse your health due to the ridiculous amount of responsibilities you have… this podcast is for you.

Jerry Mills is one of those people you just have to sit back and listen too. This man has wisdom up the wazoo (never knew where that saying came from but i like it)
He is a Husband, stay at home dad, an actor, a podcast host, a coach and on top of all of that he runs a very successful Amazon FBA account. I couldn't help but be inspired as i was talking to this amazing man.

During the podcast he brought up a great point. For many of us we get so wrapped up in our daily lives that we forget to serve other people and give back to our communities. If you watched my most recent rant on Youtube you got to hear about my passion for the trinity of influence. I love what Jerry brought to the table. I feel like it sums this point up perfectly!

Its easy to get caught up in the Craziness of life. I hope that this podcast brings you peace and encourages you to get out there and find some people to help.
If you want to know more about Jerry you can find him at the following,
Twitter: @jerrymills

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Until next time Empire,

Have a great day!

Joshua Woodward and the O.E.A. team

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