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113 OEA Podcast – Making Millions on Amazon Selling Wholesale Goods

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NEWS FLASH! Private labeling products is not the only way to hit your first million.
Its pretty hard to throw a stone in the ecom community and not hit someone talking about private labeling. I am all for it, you have heard me preach it before but there is more than one way to skin a cat and today we are looking at an ole faithful.

Do you want to find out how people are making Millions on amazon selling wholesale goods? Today we have the guys on from the Wholesale Formula. Dan Meadors and Eric Lambertare are sharing some of the tools they have used to build their multi-million dollar Amazon business. One of my first jobs with Brett Bartletts team was trying to get wholesale accounts. Im going to be real with yawl….I sucked at it. After quite a while of cold calls, I finally had a lead. right before i sealed the deal they signed a contract with target and bailed out. The struggle could not be more real.

Im sure there are some of you that have had a similar story to myself. You may have gotten a bit discouraged in your pursuit to earn your share of the big money to be made with wholesaling. Dan and Eric have restored my faith. They are a perfect example that there is money to be made and people will actually return my calls.
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