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114 OEA Podcast – How We Are Cleaning Up The Private Label Industry

Whats up Empire,

Joshua Woodward here.

Technical difficulties, tries falling and lots of laughter. This was one of the funnest podcasts in a long time.

What better way to avoid all the trouble with private label then make it yourself. My entrepreneurial brain is always working on something new and exciting. My first few attempts at creating a business all had to do with hand made goods. There has always been a special place in my heart for the handmade community or “Makers” as they call themselves. If you haven't noticed this industry is growing and starting to really pick up its pace. The younger generation is beginning to value the hand made goods over big company cheaply made products. Along with this new found value is the willingness to pay the higher price.

When I started my businesses the market was still to young and I lost allot of money and was left with a ton of inventory. With the introduction/popularity growing on sites like Pinterest, Etsy and Amazon Handmade this space is only getting bigger and bigger. So my gears started turning again and I recently I gave it a second try. Soon after that I got in touch with Outlaw Soaps. They are a ruggedly awesome handmade, small batch soaps, lotions, lip balms, colognes, and whatever else they can concoct. What an amazing and passionate group.

I wanted to have Danielle on because of what an inspiration their journey had been to me and I figured what better way to get people excited about this opportunity than to bring on the blue haired master maker herself. I hope you guys feel inspired and excited for the opportunities the handmade space is presenting.

To Find out more about Outlaw Soaps and get your paws on their handmade goods go to,

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Joshua Woodward and the O.E.A. team

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