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115 OEA Podcast – The Best Tips for Raising Entrepreneurial Kids With Chris Green

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Joshua Woodward here.

I love family. If you listened to my most recent rant you heard all about it. But today we are getting even deeper. One of the things I truly enjoy is getting the advice and counsel of those who have lived more life than myself. Chris Green is one of those people. He has some incredible wisdom when it comes to the ecom world and is sharing his best tips for raising entrepreneurial kids.
When I first met Chris his son had just launched his first book. I remember being truly amazed listening to this story. When i was his age all i could think about was my next lego creation. So how did Chris guide his son into such a rad opportunity?

“What solves pretty much every problem is communication.” this was my favorite quote and the note I have come back to most often after this recording. Chris was talking about how important open communication and encouragement is between spouses. Ultimately this rolls over to how you communicate with your kids.
I understand for some of us these can be two very loaded words. We all need healthy communication and encouragement but that isn’t always a reality. People can abuse the power of communication. When communication or lack thereof is abused it can create a very unsafe environment all around. Our words are more powerful than we could ever think. When children are involved in our lives we have the beautiful opportunity to shape and grow their ability to communicate, Regardless of your past or how others have treated us.

When Chris found out his son had a knack for writing he began communicating with his son and encouraging this newfound excitement. This has now turned into three books and another one on the way. When we see something blossom in our kids its easy to get excited and finding that balance of pushing them into their destiny and shoving them into our will for their life is a very thin line. I feel like Chris has done a great job at this and is actively seeking to grow.

Again this is about constant communication. It was never a one time deal. Chris had to be revisited this subject and encouraged the passion time and time again. There is a beautiful thing that happens for any kid when a parent champions them. Im sure you have all seen it. Whether on a basketball court or celebrating a good grade you see the excitement and fire that begins to burn. In my mind there is nothing more beautiful than watching your kids succeed and being able to champion them all the way to the finish line.

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