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117 OEA Podcast – Best Way to Decrease Your FBA Packing Time

Whats up Empire,

Joshua Woodward here.

Today We have on the show our good friend Michael Goldberg. He has developed an amazing new app that is changing the way you will run your fab business.

While working on another software project together Michael and his business partner were talking about the difficulties they were both having with the new pack list mandate that Amazon was soon to be enforcing. Brenden wanted to expedite the packing process and have his client's goods receive and go live faster in Amazon's warehouses.

On a small shipment of 4-5 boxes Michael noticed he was spending an extra 15-30 minutes trying to keep track of what product went in what boxes. This was during the height of Q4 where 30 extra minutes of packing boxes could have been better spent sourcing products.

The idea of a simple app that can manage your shipments and help expedite the packing process was born.

Asin Packer helps you easily create pack lists or QR codes containing full box contents to expedite your shipping and receiving to Amazon.

As you will hear in the podcast Michael is one of the hardest working individuals out there. When he puts his heart into a service he does it to the best of his ability. If there is a way he can better his app he is on it! I am always impressed with the quality and so happy with what this app is doing for the community.

If you want to know more about ASIN Packer and how it can save you time and money go to

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Until next time Empire,

Have a great day!

Joshua Woodward and the O.E.A. team

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