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What’s up Empire!

Joshua Woodward here your podcast host,

Everyone of us desires that perfect balance of a healthy & productive business ….but it doesn't always turn out that way.

Today our guest is here to share all about organizing your life to meet that sweet spot of healthy and productive.

Alison Kero runs a company called ACK Organizing. She has been teaching people about decluttering there home and life since 2004 and knows it well. Throughout her career she has been fortunate enough to be invited to appear on the Dr. Oz Show, the CBS Morning Show and the Mike Huckabee Show as well as several YouTube channel shows. Her belief is that you can learn to declutter your home and life by making small, self love based decisions.

Now what does that look like?

She gave an example during the podcast that totally left me thinking. She said to start with your clothes. Part of me scoffed. I thought to myself, “I work from home why on earth does it matter what i'm wearing.” Then she dropped this little knowledge bomb.
When you are confident it the clothes you are wearing that confidence rubs off on the rest of your life and work.

You will begin to see that your energy is depleted When there is clutter in our homes and we don't know why we still own it. Alison said, “By learning how to choose, manage and organize our time and belongings, we can begin to build upon our decision making skills by engaging with our senses of touch, feel, and sight to help us choose which items spark true joy in us.”

In the end everyone of us has a desire to have that perfect balance of a healthy & productive business. You dont have to give up one to have the other. When we choose to love the person in the mirror we end up loving those around us allot better. That love is easily translated into a healthy & productive business.

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