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120 OEA Podcast – Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Listings While You Sit Back and Relax

What’s up Empire!

Joshua Woodward here,

The dream is to drive traffic to your amazon listings while you sit back and relax. Most people are missing one of the biggest opportunities for profits out there, Social media. Im sure you have heard about facebook ads, although I do think this is a great tool this is not what we are talking about today.

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are massive market places waiting to be tapped. Posting multiple times a day can help build community, build brand identity and ultimately drive massive traffic to your listings. We all know big traffic means big money. The biggest problem is posting takes allot of time…..I mean allot. There is an answer to this problem and our guest Laura Roeder has the key.

Some of you may have heard my story about my dad and I starting a vintage bicycle restoration business, for those of you that haven’t I will give you the short version. My dad as a young man worked in a Schwinn bicycle shop in Southern California. He has always had a love for bikes but moved on to bigger things. A few years back he reignited this passion when he picked up a few of these 1970s Schwinns for a business idea I had been working on. Soon enough we had more bikes than we knew what to do with. We decided that we would test the market on eBay. We started with a sale a month. I knew this wasn't going to work for us so I gave some different social media platforms a try. Within 24 hours we had increased our views by 100% and within a week we had sold 3 bicycles. We continued with this model and ended up selling off all of our bikes.

When I would slack on posting about them our sales would fall. When I was great about it sale would be great. I couldn’t keep up with all the different pieces of the business and i was feeling the pressure of needing to keep up on postings. If I had only known that there was an automated system that could have done the work for me I would have paid anything.

Meet Edgar is just that. You work one day a week, maybe once a month inputting your content. Set your times and dates and watch the computer do the rest. This is the magic of the system. This is where you get to do minimal work and watch the dollars stack up. No more alarms for posting. No more scrambling for content. All you have to do is collect your stories, ideas and thoughts for the month. Load them into Edgar and watch the magic happen.

I dont know about you but im all about working smart not hard and this my friends is smart.
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