5 Essential Sites To Make You More Productive and Earn More!

There is a lot of information out there about outsourcing and about being more productive. The trouble is there so much information that it can be quite overwhelming.  Rather than give you a huge list of productivity sites, I wanted to give you the top blogs that I look at on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis just to recharge my batteries when it comes to productivity and being more effective as an entrepreneur.

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

The first blog is smart passive income with Pat Flynn. Now I know that you are probably rolling your eyes since it is already one of the most well-known sites out there, but the thing is Pat is very genuine and he has some great ideas when it comes to passive income that are easy to take action on.

Pat has gained a lot of notoriety and has been really soaring when it comes to a lot of make money online type bloggers.  One of the biggest things that he promotes is to start making products.

Why make products?

Products are probably the easiest way to start generating passive income in a new business since with a product you can very quickly test the market and make revenue while doing it. The problem is that most people think that in order to make a product you have to spend months and months developing something that will sell for millions and be the next big thing. Well that's just not the case.

A product that solves one problem and can be done within a few days or even in a few hours. The coolest thing about this is that you not only creating a product you're able to quickly launch it, get feedback on it, get paid for it, and finally know whether or not you want to expand upon the product or build something else. You didn't spend months and months trying to make it perfect or trying to make it something that millions of people are going to buy. You made something that can be launched quickly and efficiently.

And that's the beauty of Pats website, you're not spending loads of time on one thing. Rather, you are putting out product after product which allows you to get paid as well as you know what your market wants. I can't think of anything more productive than that. To create something of value quickly, get it out there to where it's making money without you having to do much other than customer service, and then making something else is the goal. You're building assets that will last for an entire lifetime depending on the product. You're also doing something that is good and brings you income while you sleep.

Virtual Business Lifestyle with Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker's site is one of the most important blogs that you should read if you want to know anything about hiring a virtual assistant.

Chris comes from a background of owning a business of over 200 employees yet is able to pull himself away as the CEO and find time to be able to do the things that he loves. He teaches how to not only have people work for you but how to train them, how to empower them, and how to get them to be able to do the work that you would normally do on a daily basis in a way that is effective and efficient.

Another great thing about Chris's site is that he constantly has well-known entrepreneurs that join him on his podcast which is a great way to get new ideas about how to improve your business!

John Jonas's Blog

John Jonas is the reason why I outsource the way I do today. The best thing about John is that his blog doesn't come from a large corporate background in fact he's able to offload the majority of his work while being a freelancer. He has a staff of about five or more employees that do the majority of the work for him. Yet he is able to still effectively earn a lot of money while doing the things that he loves.

The best part about his blog are the case studies that he is been doing. He has loads video case studies of real entrepreneurs that have outsourced a lot of their work to the Philippines (along with your's truly) and to other places and have shown that you really don't need to have a lot of money in order to be able to be successful in starting and running a business.

If you are creative and you understand your business, you can hire people that are going to help you move your business forward into a direction that is both profitable and helps your business to grow exponentially. The case studies are often very detailed and they not only show you what it's like to outsource but give different ideas that you can use to start a business or modify your existing business.

David Seah's Blog

I been following David for quite some time now because he makes some of the coolest productivity tools that are out there I get straight to the point.

For example, I recently featured one of his tools is called the concrete goals tracker. I've been using it for a while and it's help me to focus just on the things that I need to focus on as a CEO . So many times when you're a business owner you feel like you need to get into the nitty-gritty of everything that's going on in your business. But as a leader that is the last thing that you want to do

You need to empower your employees to take the reigns and allow them to do the daily operational tasks while you make the decisions. That's what the concrete goals tracker allows you to do. Now that's only one of David's cool productivity templates that he has but they all follow generally the same idea that you want to focus on only the things that are going to be at the most value to you.

One other cool thing is, because David is a designer, all of his templates – and really everything that he does – is focused around good design. Design is heavily underrated and if you can learn how to design things that people find attractive to use are simplistic, you will find that you will sell more and you'll make more money in the long run.

Tim Ferris' Blog

I'm sure yet again you're probably rolling your eyes, but Tim Ferris is probably the most popular productivity guru around and his blog is just as good. Tim has been focusing a lot on other things then virtual assistants as well as outsourcing, but when it comes to productivity one thing that he excels and is living within constraints. In order to be very productive in order to work less you need to put constraints on yourself and yes and great tools that you can use and some great ideas that you can use to make those constraints on your self.

When you embrace constraints you will focus more, you will have more energy, and you'll be able to push out more products or services much more quickly than you could if you had hours and hours of time. We think that in order to have a successful business on the side I need to quit my job. That is the last thing that you need to do when you're just starting out your business. In order to have a successful side business that could eventually turn into a full time business you need to learn how to work within the constraints of having both your full time job and your side business. If you can do side work within 10 hours a week, and be profitable it's going to allow you to be even more profitable when you are able to move full time. The best CEOs are able to filter out the time that they spend on uses things and the time that they spend on things that are good to push their business forward and that's where Tim Ferris is blog shines. It teaches you how to cut out the stuff that is not a matter and teaches you how to tactfully tell people or work with family or work with other people to effectively use your time .

The Elance Blog

Although I don't use Elance nearly as much as most people do, their blog is actually very useful if you want to get new ideas and how to use a virtual assistant. Of course, I advocate carrying a full time worker rather than going and getting bids from part-time workers, but sometimes you just need ideas on where to take your business next.

One post that is sure to get your mind running with ideas is this one about 100 different things that you can do with a virtual assistant. Often, because they want to entice people come and use their service, they will also put out some really great case studies that show you how some people are using outsourced work to serve clients, or to do tax returns, create products, or any other job.


  • Pat

    January 29, 2012

    Hey Dean! Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the mention and all the kind words. Products are definitely a good thing to do, but not always easy. I’d definitely start with a mindmap and then take it from there – it can be motivating to see an entire book or course all laid out in front of you like that 🙂

    Cheers, and all the best!

    • Dean Soto

      January 30, 2012

      Hey Pat!

      What an honor my friend. Thanks for the comment, and you are most welcome!

      As far as products not being easy… It all depends on the type of product… If you can create a quick solution to a single problem then it’s not too difficult. To me the hard part is getting that product promoted and getting eyeballs (article is mainly for blog posts, but same concepts apply) from the folks that would need it the most. Discussion forums seem to be a great place for this type of promotion.

      Anyway, you are always inspiring. Thanks so much, my friend.