5 More Entrepreneur Ideas That Will Make This Year Amazing

Sell a product or service on Fiverr.com

Even though the market is getting saturated now that Fiverr is becoming more popular, there is still a good opportunity to earn revenue there. While 5 dollars (really about $3.90 after their cut) may not sound like a lot of money to you, if you find something that won't take up a whole lot of time you can easily make decent income.

For example, I recently had a professional voice-over done for one of my podcasts on Fiverr and the quality was amazing. Something like that would have cost well over $100 in the past, or probably a lot more. Now you may be thinking, poor guy, right? Well, that's only because you probably don't understand the time value of money.

The offer for the voice-over stipulated that the time limit for the voice-over was 30 – 60 seconds. It is likely that the majority of those gigs are for ~30 second spots. That means that if he is getting $3.90 and he has enough gigs to fill an hour then he is making [($3.90 x 60 minutes) x 2] = ~$468/hr (since average are 30 seconds).

Poor guy…. huh?

Build Websites for a Local Business

If you have ANY web development skills whatsoever, this is a no-brainer. Scratch that, you don't even need to have any web development skills you just need to know how to use WordPress.

I am going to let you in on a little secret that I used to make money helping small businesses with their websites before I even knew how to code. You can't tell anyone though, okay?

I found a local business that needed a website (sometimes it would be to help people who I had met in social media), I bought the developer versions of premium themes, paid $5 for a logo on Fiverr, put it all together and they had a cool looking website. I made a couple hundred dollars and they had something to get more customers with.

Sometimes a customer would already have a designer so they were able to make their own headers.

One thing though, you need to be up front with what they are getting and also let them know that you normally charge a lot more for a custom site. This way you don't end up doing a lot of work on a site while not making a profit.

Get Supplies from Overseas and Make Something to Sell

This sounds a lot harder than it actually is. With sites like Alibaba.com, you can get in touch with overseas suppliers that will sell you the raw materials to make just about anything. Or, you can have them manufacturer everything for you and then ship it.

A friend at work has an older daughter that loves cosmetics. A while back she got in tough with a firm in Asia that would sell her the raw supplies and she would manufacture the products herself and sell them. Well, recently she wanted to get her name out there more and bought a trade show table for around $1500 at the American Music Awards.  she made some sales but more importantly she made some amazing contacts and is now not only selling more of her products, but is being asked by numerous people to travel and share her products around the United States.

I don't even think she has a website.  You should build one for her.

Create an Ebook and Sell It (or Capture Leads)

You know more than you know.  What do you blog about right now?  What is your most visited post?  What do people come to your blog for in the first place?

If you want to have a business you need to think like a business person.  Start capturing leads by giving something of value, survey your readers, create something to sell.  Don't just pop Google Adsense on your site and hope that you make a lot of money.

It is super easy to create an e-book.  Just take your most visited post and create a short report.  You can type it in a word processing program totally unformatted, proofread it, and either format it and make it into a PDF yourself or have someone else do it for you.

Heck, you don't even need to use your own content!  There are plenty of article directories such as Ezinearticles.com that will let you re-publish articles as long as you keep it all the same.  Add some of them to your e-book and you are done!

Help a Local Business Get Leads Via Search Engine Optimization

Just like in an online affiliate program, there are small businesses out there that would pay you a fee for customers that you bring.  Maybe you know a family member that owns a business and is struggling, they are the perfect candidate for this.

Admittedly, this is becoming harder to do as more Internet Marketers are catching on, but there is still a great market out there.  Essentially, you would build a site with a couple of posts and drive traffic to it using niche marketing.  The best part about this is that most local keywords have very low competition but it is much more likely that they are willing to buy.

As the site starts gaining rank and is on the front page of Google and other Search Engines, look at all of the companies that are using PAID advertising in google and contact them via phone, email, or snail mail.  Let them know that you have a site that is ranked well for the keyword that they have and that you have some advertising space still available.

For a #1 spot in Google you can typically charge $250 – $500 a month or more depending on the industry.  Aside from your time your costs would be web hosting, a premium theme (or free one), a domain name, and your time.  All of this can be done for under $150 with the biggest cost being the host.

You don't need marketing tools, but they do help.  However, the more that you learn without them the better your niche marketing quality will be when you start using them.


These are all viable ideas, but who cares?  The most important thing is that you take action!  Pick something and roll with it until it is successful.

What are you going to start on (and finish) this year?


  • Devin Rose

    January 5, 2012

    Another e-book I think. Though doing voice-overs might work, as some people have said I have a voice for radio (or was it face for radio? just joking!).

    • Dean Soto

      January 5, 2012

      Dude! You woudbe great with voice-overs! Haha! You totally have a radio voice.

      You can’t really call your last book an e-book. You had hardcopies too right?