A Powerful Way to Find An English Speaking Overseas Virtual Assistant

One of the hardest things to do when hiring a virtual assistant is to make sure that they have great English skills.  Sure you could hire someone domestically, but the appeal of hiring someone overseas is that their wages are usually cheaper.

Now you might be asking yourself what's the big deal with hiring someone who speaks English?  Well, even if they are going to be doing something like web development for you, you want them to also be able to handle things in your business while you are away.  Sometimes those things may even be customer-facing.

The point of hiring someone to do work for you is so that you can worry about the other things that are going to actually make you money.  For example, I spoke at a conference not too long ago up in San Francisco.  I didn't have the time to manage projects for clients or to communicate with them regularly.  Luckily my VA took the initiative and did that all for me.  My customers were happy and so was I.

In this video I am going to show you one tip that I use with all of the virtual assistants that I've hired that allows me to weed out 95% of applicants that don't speak English well.  It's very simple and easy to implement, but will bring you amazing results.

Don't settle for a virtual assistant that can't do EVERYTHING for you.  The point is not just to hire someone, but to hire a partner that is going to enable you to automate the tasks that are not important to pushing your business forward!

Do you have a virtual assistant interview tip or question?  Let everyone know in the comments!