A Virtual Assistant’s Typical Day As A Writer

This is a guest post by one of my Filipino virtual assistants.  She mainly writes for some of my niche sites and articles, but I love her writing so much that I thought that it would be great to share.

I have been working as an article writer/internet marketer for the same boss for almost five months now, and I can say, as a virtual assistant, that I have been able to learn a LOT of things (and still learning), from him, and from the job itself.

So let me take you to my world, just to let you know what a virtual assistant does in a typical day, or shift.

Getting started.

First off, I check my emails – to know my feedback (both postiive and negative!), to find out what my boss thought about my work the past day, and of course, to see to it that I do not miss a thing that my boss asks (or if he has added something for a task). If he does, it'd be included on my to-do list for the day. With that, priorities are being set out. Since I am an article writer, tasks that require writing comes first, then the SEO stuff, and so on. I had a problem with this once, when my boss bombarded me with a lot of things to do, that I actually got stunned and found myself not being able to decide on what to do first! So I asked him directly, and he set the priorities straight by assigning a deadline for every task, so that the earlier the deadline, the more important the task is. That worked for me (and him) pretty well.

Work, like a bee.

I admit it, (if you are a virtual assistant, I know you can relate to me, too), I don't like being watched, being monitored every now and then, and lucky for me I have found a superior who trusts me when it comes to the amount of time I spent working. Sometimes, when tasks are a little bit difficult (like SEO stuff, I'm not quite familiar with it), I find myself staring at the computer for a long time. That means I research, for unfamiliar terms, and read some blogs for additional knowledge. So that pretty makes up my time, researching for the topic, undergoing the trainings, writing the article per se, and other stuff that my boss requires me to do. If I have questions, or uncertainties, I write them down, and bring them up in my daily email.

Post work.

After working (it usually takes me 4-5 hours), I send my daily email. This email includes what I did for the day, and then all the questions I formulated while doing the work. If there are things that needed to be confirmed, or things that I am confused about, this (for me) is the most appropriate time to do it, unless it's really urgent and my boss happens to be online and can be reached through chat messages.

I am always encouraged to voice out the problems I encounter, as well as the possible things my boss could do to provide a solution to that particular problem – one very good thing you must consider when you are working for someone. Then lastly, I end up my message by thanking him and telling him the things that I'd be doing the next day.

And that's it. You just actually had a glimpse on my typical day.

The good thing about being a virtual assistant is that you are able to choose the time you want to work, and how long you want to do it. For a job that can only be done in 4-5 hours with a salary almost as equal as that of a licensed professional (e.g. nurse) in a country that is populated with educated but unemployed people, being a virtual assistant can be helpful, but that does not mean bosses can just bombard their VA's with work that's way beyond their abilities and expect some overly good results immediately (good thing I do not have that kind of boss!). Respect must always be there, for both parties, so that everybody goes home happy.

Next up, I'd be writing about the pros and cons of being a virtual assistant, so watch out for that!

Pretty cool, huh? She is the reason I am making extra money with my profitable niche adventure.  If you have any questions for her, let me know in the comments!  If you want to know how to find someone with the same quality of writing and expertise for about $250/mo full-time, check out my ebook!


  • daddydug1

    January 27, 2011

    Great post! Gives me a lot to think about as I gear up to hire my first VA.

    Exclusively based on her writing and vocabulary, I would never know that she wasn't American, and I have a degree in English.

    You've got a great VA Dean.

    • Dean Soto

      January 27, 2011

      Thanks, man! Yeah, she rocks. She is a heavy comma user, but I like that lol!

      Dude, I can't wait to hear about your VA experience when you get the captial to fund them. It'll change your world. =)