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082 OEA Podcast – Best Online Arbitrage and Retail Arbitrage on Amazon with Chris Green

We had the incredible honor of having one of the movers and shakers in our industry on the show. His name, Chris Green.
If you don't know, he has created some of the industry leading manuals on Arbitrage. With three books dedicated to teaching how to master and conquer retail arbitrage and online arbitrage, he gave an opportunity for anyone from any walk of life to do what he does for a living. These are proven methods and methods our teams use every single week.
When talking about having Chris on the show we wanted to pull on his immense knowledge of the industry. With so many years of e-commerce under his belt we wanted to hear some secrets, top tips, and bolo's and folks that exactly what happened. Not only was the knowledge amazing but it was an absolute blast to have him on.
The big top tip that all the empire needs to get into is:
Star Wars
Step 1: Yes folks get accepted on amazon to sell Star Wars. I am a huge fan of the movies as most of you know but that is not why I am saying this. IF you havent heard they are releasing 3 new movies in the next few years. Space will be incredibly limited on amazon and this opportunity will close quickly. So those of you who what to make some serious money… jump on it now!
Step 2: eBay is still alive. Star wars items are flying off the shelves and christmas is around the corner. Those items will run out and you want to be the seller with those exclusive items. Dont be afraid to put your money down now for some amazing returns come christmas time.
its tips like these that where non stop the entire podcast! I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we did.
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